Working on some finishings

Since we are under a Stay At Home order in Minnesota I have been working on finishing some punch needle designs.

front side
back side

The smaller flower on the left – I glued a patterned scrapbook paper sheet to a piece of light cardboard then glued the punch needled flower to the cardboard. I added a length of wire for a hanger.

The larger flower on the right – I whipped strips of wool to the edge. I matched the color of the wool strips to the sky and ground. I used the same color DMC floss to whip the wool strip as I used to punch the sky and ground with, using all 6 strand of floss.

On both pieces I ran a line of Fray Check along the outside of the punched loops before trimming the weavers cloth backing away.

laying the wool strip along the edge got start the whipping
whipping the wool strip with DMC floss

What are you working on while staying at home?

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